The Search Begins & Ends Within

We are so busy waiting to be “shown the way” that we have forgotten that all of the answers lie within.  We hold the answers to all of our questions, yet we continue to search and grope in the "world", which creates a maze of distractions. We drift deeper and deeper into the haze of forgetting and doubt and farther and farther away from the truth and wisdom that is at our core; that is our core.  Tantra is a simple path, though it may seem otherwise with all of it’s practices and teachings.  In truth, Tantra is a path to remembering the divine essence within.  Of devoting oneself to the trustful surrender of your inner knowing. Once you have accomplished that, the practices and devotions become nourishment to the soul rather than salvation.  You already contain it, that which you seek, whatever it may be.  Look inside.  Listen to the unparalleled wisdom of your own heart, all solutions will be found there.  The work then, and the most powerful aspect of the Tantric path, is to act upon what you find.  When the truth comes from within, the most difficult part is to follow it’s guidance.  What if, just for a day, you allowed the wisdom of your heart to make your choices.  What if, you surrendered completely to the intuitive wisdom within and followed it’s guidance unquestioningly.  What would happen then? I hope you give it a try, if only for a day, or even a moment. Surrender completely to the wisdom your heart and find the courage to follow it’s suggestions.  And if what you uncover shocks or scares you, join the club.  Remember, on the path to truth, it’s just you and your heart walking together.  Be courageous and trust the wisdom within.