Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I afford this training?

A: Yes, payment plans are available. We will work with you on an individual basis to make the price of training manageable for you. There are a limited number of work-trade scholarships available.

Q: How much time am I expected to commit to this training?

A: The 200 hour teacher training runs one weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) a month for 8 months. You will be asked to take yoga classes between weekends as well as do the assigned readings, homework, and outside of training meetings with your mentor. 

The 300 hour teacher training is completed over 13 months. There are five weekend sessions which last four days (Thursday evening, all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) each. There are readings and homework assigned throughout this training.

Q: Is there homework?

A: Yes. Homework is given in between sessions to continually orient you towards the study and practice of yoga as well as offer material for you to contemplate in between weekends. Homework also satisfies a significant amount of the hours necessary to become a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor. You can expect to spend around 10 hours per month completing homework. Homework consists of: Reading, Assignments, Attending Yoga Classes, Meeting with you Mentor, Practicing, and Art. 

A: Our 300 Hour Advanced Studies Program differs from our 200 Hour Program in that the homework assigned is expected to be completed without supervision. You will have reading assignment to supplement the content every weekend. You will be expected to take on a private client and follow guidelines regarding that assignment. There is also a final project to be completed at the end of the training that will empower you to merge what you've learned regarding business with your work of teaching yoga. 

Q: How much yoga experience do I need to apply to this training?

A. For our 200 hour training, we recommend a year of regular practice as well as a deep interest in yoga.

A: For our 300 hour training, you must have graduated from a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Program and been teaching regularly for at least one year. We also highly recommend that you be interested in and dedicated to the practice of deeping and learning meditation, self discovery, self exploration, and self consciousness. 

Q: I don’t want to teach yoga, is this the right program for me?

A: It depends. If you are interested in gaining better insight into what yoga entails and seeking to deepen your personal practice than yes this is the right program for you.

Q: Can I miss a weekend of training?

A: It is not recommended. We schedule one make-up weekend per training. You will be financially responsible for any future make up times needed to meet the requirements for graduation. It will also be the responsibility of the student to learn missed content by working with peers or paying for a private consultation. 

Q: Will I be a confident teacher once I graduate?

A: Being a confident teacher is a result of disciplined study, self inquiry, and personal practice. If you can answer the questions, "Why do I teach Yoga?", then you will have a place to move from as a teacher. You will be provided the tools and support to dive into the study of yoga. The rest is up to you.

Q: What is your withdrawal policy?

A: If a registered participant chooses to withdraw from the program, a statement must submitted in writing via email. If withdrawal takes place before the program begins, a portion of the deposit is refundable. If withdrawal takes place after the program begins, but before completion of the first weekend of training, the entire $375 deposit is not refundable, the payment for the weekend completed is owed, and the balance of tuition is not owed. If the withdrawal takes place after the completion of the first weekend of training, no refund will be issued, and the full amount of tuition is owed.

Q: What would prevent me from graduating?

A: Each training weekend is designed to meet and satisfy certain criteria. If you fail to complete your assignments, participate in all training weekends, pass your exams, or pay your balance you will not graduate.

Q: Is there any post training support offered after the completion of the training?

A: Vira Bhava Yoga offers several continuing education programs that can support you as you move out of training and into the world like our: mentor programs, advanced studies program, workshops, online courses, private sessions, and teaching opportunities at our Vira Bhava Yoga Studio, The Golden Mandala Donation Yoga Studio. For exemplary graduates of our 300 hour program we offer the option of purchasing a license for our 200 Hour Program and taking it to your studio in your town and being the lead facilitator. 

Q: How does the 200 hour training differ from the 300 hour training?

A: The 200 Hour Program is designed so that you join a community of others who are all seeking to deepen their practice through study, exploration, and participation. The majority of our work together is done in groups inside of each training weekend as well as outside of the weekends. You will work hand in hand with your peers to develop your teaching ability. 

A: The 300 Hour Program is designed for the individual. This program offers tools, practices, meditations, and materials that are to be explored within your individual practice and life. While, the groups do meet, practice together, and are assigned a partner from within the training, the emphasis is on your individual and internal experience. This program encourages deepening your personal practice. As you deepen your personal practice, your teaching and familiarity with what you can offer will become more advanced. 

Q: What are the most common complaints about your trainings?

A: Common complaints within our 200 Hour Program:

  • Too much homework

A: Common complaints within our 300 Hour Program:

  • Expectation to do a 40 day Meditation Practice is difficult.
  • I do not have an interest in looking into my Self and identifying what keeps me from doing, being, and identifying as GREAT. 
  • The time between each weekend (3 months) is too long and I feel disconnected from the program. 

Q: What are the most common praises about your trainings?

A: Common praises regarding our 200 Hour Program:

  • I now have ownership over my personal practice
  • I am able to understand and create a practice that meets my needs and those who I teach.
  • I found my authentic voice as a teacher and understand why I want to teach.
  • I've become more embodied and am enacting my desires out in the world.

A: Common praises regarding our 300 Hour Program:

  • I know how to meditate now. 
  • I am deeply connected with the Divine and feel in control of my own life.
  • I have found my Dharma, my calling, and can now actively seek it in my every day actions. 
  • I can confidently plan an asana class to meet the energetic needs of my students. 
  • I can use the practices I've learned to soothe, empower, and take care of myself in a way that enables me to better meet the challenges of my daily life. 
  • I understand how to work with private clients.
  • I own my worth and am a wise business person. 
  • I have gained tools that will successfully empower me to make a living doing what I love.
  • I've found a community of radical people seeking to live life vibrantly with the intention of making their life intentional and impactful for the whole.