Support Packages

These packages are available to License Holders who desire to work directly with the founders of VBY to ensure the success of their training. These packages provide one-on-one monthly support in the form of a monthly call or video chat, assignments, and supplemental materials as needed. The duration of this program is six months. If you feel that you need real-time support and advice while you are creating your program, and/ or through the stages of set-up and implementation, then a support package can provide this for you.

We also provide Support on an hourly basis. Please see the bottom of this page for more info.



Business Support Packages

  • Energy Return on Investment

  • Your Profit and the variables that impact it

  • Understanding Registrations & Enacting Goals & Deadlines

  • Setting Up Business: taxes, write-offs, and personal profit goals

  • Enact your excitement: Emails, Contracts, and Scheduling

  • Owning your Worth: negotiating pay and expenses with contractors

  • Bolstering your Leadership with Standard Operating Procedures

  • Expecting the Unexpected and being Prepared:

    • Sexual Harassment

    • Mediation

    • Contract Violation

    • Dealing with a Coup

Business & Finance Support

Content & Teaching Support

  • How to hold the voice of VBY

  • VBY Pedagogy: How we teach

  • Crafting and Owning the Content

  • Structuring your syllabus/weekends

  • What does a Qualified Guest Teacher Look Like?

  • Teaching to the Group that Arrives

  • Troubleshooting Common Issues with Participants and Content

  • Supporting You in your continued Studentship: The best teachers are the best practitioners

  • Leadership training: holding space for your students as they are

Content & Teaching Support




Sales & Outreach

Need more support with Sales & Outreach for your license. Theresa is excited to help!



Hourly Support

This support is available to you as needed from point of purchase of your license through its completion. This option can be utilized to troubleshoot issues as they arise or to communicate about individual situations. This option is available to at anytime during the duration of your license if additional support is needed.

Cost $125

Hourly Support with Rachel

Hourly Support with Kelly

Hourly Support with Theresa