Overview of Business

Welcome to Vira Bhava Yoga 230 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. Congratulations on becoming a facilitator!! This section will teach you about all of the necessary procedures to set up your business for success!! Please complete this section FIRST, prior to diving into content. Our recommendation is that you begin this section a minimum of 12 months prior to the launch of your training in order to build your Teacher Training on a foundation of success.


Welcome to Business

START HERE. This section introduces you to the basics of how to create your own success and utilize the following content appropriately.


Your Registration Calendar

ESSENTIAL STEP TO MOVE FORWARD: This video and spreadsheet will assist you in planning out your month-by-month registration goals and events that will support you in marketing and selling your program.


Setting Up Your Personal Business

BEFORE YOU OPEN REGISTRATION: This video provide the basics to set up your personal business, and educate you about taxes and how to stay safe as a business.


Organizing Registration & Communication

WHEN STUDENTS REGISTER: This video and spreadsheet is where you will keep all registrations and related information organized.


Receiving Initial Registration

WHEN REGISTRATION IS RECEIVED: This video will discuss payment application options and the application for training.


Welcome Packet

TO FOLLOW REGISTRATIONS: This information will guide you on what to do after students register. Offered here are video explanations and discussion regarding contracts. Emails can be found in Index of Weekends.


Setting Up Student Payments

BEFORE TRAINING BEGINS: Now you are ready to receive payments. These videos will help you understand the student payment system and troubleshoot issues.


Negotiating Studio Rent

AS SOON AS YOU CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION: These videos and white pages discuss what to look for when choosing the location for your training. Once you’ve chosen your location, you will learn how to negotiate rent and create a contract.


Guest Teachers

Working within your Content Syllabus you will identify which content sections you will have another teacher teach.

Setting Up the Mentor Program

Here we will discuss how the program is laid out. We will look at the processes for choosing mentors and understanding why a mentor program is important for your training. We will discuss Mentor expectation protocols and more.


Printing Manuals

You will need to print your Teacher Manual (as soon as you purchase your license), Student Manuals and Asana Manuals (at least 30 days before start of program). This video instructs and moves you through this process.

Sexual Harassment Policy