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Summer Yoga Retreats Coming Soon!

Two Locations - Nevada City, CA and Boone, NC Registration opens March 10 - details coming soon!

IN NEVADA CITY - Registration for the 200 hour training is now closed.  Dates for the 2016 training will be posted soon - read more >>>


Teacher Trainings

Our YA-Certified programs are firmly rooted in Sri Vidya Tantric Philosophy. The intention of our Teacher Trainings is to enable others to explore and enrich their life through practice. We help our students to thrive by empowering them to ask questions, deepen their practice, and share it with others. In these trainings, we come together as a community seeking profound and dramatic transformation in ourselves and our world.

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Workshops & Events

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Asana & Energetics Online Workshop

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Peru, 2010

Peru, 2010

Retreats, adventures and yoga journeys are a great way to immerse yourself in your practice while broadening your experience of life. 

Past retreats have included trips to Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, as well as retreats and gatherings in the U.S. 

Vira Bhava Yoga Announces 2 Summer Retreats in 2015...

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Registration Opens in March

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