Teacher Training

Vira Bhava Yoga Teacher Trainings are built on the foundation of Sri Vidya Tantric philosophy. We emphasize the power and capacity of each individual student to develop their own path and voice from which to share yoga, rather than the perfection of asana (postures). We provide each student with the tools and skills to explore the practice of Yoga, teach asana safely, and help them cultivate the wisdom of direct experience to allow them to apply these tools in Yoga and in life.

Whether you choose to do a teacher training because you have discovered that there is more to Yoga than what you are getting in classes, or you want to share the depth of your practice with others, Vira Bhava Yoga Teacher Trainings will support you on your journey. What makes VBY unique is our commitment to exploration beyond the physical practice of yoga. Through our time tested methods and our exceptional faculty, we learn how to use asana as path to Self Discovery, and how to share and inspire others to broaden their scope of understanding about Yoga and its benefits.

What can you expect from Vira Bhava Yoga Teacher Training?

  • A community of teachers, mentors, and fellow students to support your process
  • To find your own unique voice in teaching and life
  • To become a skillful practitioner of Yoga Asana
  • To gain the tools and knowledge needed to share Yoga with others
  • To embark upon a journey of Self Discovery
  • To explore the subtle aspects of Yoga that are often ignored in other YTT's (I.e. Energy, Philosophy, Tantra)
  • Move, Shape, and Empower your Life through your Practice
  • To be challenged to be your most authentic Self
  • To learn that Asana is only a fraction of what Yoga is
  • To explore a path of Yoga that empowers You to Live the Life You Want to Live
  • Initiation into a lifelong study of Yoga and Self
  • Tools and Practices to integrate Yoga into your life

What Vira Bhava Yoga Teacher Trainings are NOT.

  • Just Physical fitness.
  • A Way to Fix your Life (Your Life is NOT BROKEN)
  • An Escape from the Messiness of Life
  • A Quick Fix
  • A Retreat
  • Your Guru
  • Your Mother