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Asana & Energetics Program

An introduction to using Energetics in Your asana Practice. The program is made up of a series of live recorded classes and lectures that will guide you into a direct experience of the way Prana effects Asana,. It will also teach you experientially that you can indeed change the way you feel by changing the way you practice. A great option for those YTTs who did not receive Energetics material in their 200 Hour Trainings, and for students looking to explore more depth and impact in their practice.


Asana & Energetics: Level 2
36.00 45.00

Level Two - For the Teacher

This program is for the teacher of the practice who desires to share a deeper experience of energy and asana with their students. It is slightly longer, and the introductions will contain more explanation of the Yogic science that underlies the practices.  It will contain more Sanskrit and Ayurvedic references, and more instruction on how to appropriately share this insight with others.  Good for teachers who have a basic understanding of the Prana Vayus but would like to deepen their knowledge and experience.

With this program, you will receive:

An opening meditation on Video & MP3 with a link to the Asana and Energetics Community Page
A Vimeo link with 5 downloadable videos containing lecture and practice.  About 2 hours worth of content for you to download and keep. 

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Asana & Energetics E-Book

A companion e-book to the asana and energetics program. Includes in depth descriptions of the functions of prana in asana, suggestions and suggestions for practice. An extremely valuable resource for expanding your Yoga asana practice beyond the physical.

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Apprenticeship Program

Work Directly with our Founder, Kelly Golden

  • Monthly Audio or Video Coaching Calls

    Connect directly about life, teaching, and your Practice. Receive specialized attention that addresses your experiences directly.

  • Assignments, Practice Support

    Kelly will work with you to design and create a practice that supports YOUR life as it is. She will use her understanding of Asana, Energetics, Philosophy, & Subtle practices (meditation, kriya, pranayama) to craft the perfect practices for you.

  • Special online content :

    You will receive access to a private members page that provides exclusive Practices and Supplemental content.

  • Opportunities to Attend or Assist Kelly

    In classes, workshops, and special events in your area.

Co-Create the PROGRAM for YOU

You will participate in a six month program of co-creation.  Utilizing the knowledge that you bring and building on the tools that you have learned throughout your exploration of Yoga. Kelly will work with you to craft the program you desire. The focus of the program can be as unique as you are.

Past Designs Include:

  • Honing your own unique voice as a teacher and empowered HUMAN in the world.

  • Increasing your confidence and visibility as a yoga teacher in the world

  • Understanding Yoga Business and how to stay in practice as you Work in the Yoga Industry.

  • Connecting with the Soul of Life through the practices of Tantra.

  • Uncovering your hidden potential, and putting it to work in the world.

  • Using the practices of Tantra to liberate you from past patterns and difficulties.


Advanced Studies Online Program


Advanced Studies Program Module 1

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Deepen Your Practice at Home

The Advanced Studies Online Program is a revolutionary way to deepen your practice at home, work within your budget, and manage your timeline.

If you have been desiring more depth in your practice or teaching, join us. This program fulfills the requirements of a 300 Hour Training.