Module 2: Stretch Beyond the Physical in Your Yoga

The Subtle Workings Of Hatha Yoga and the Path of Tantra

Are you ready to move your Yoga beyond the physical? Are you experiencing things Asana practice that are hard to explain? Are you curious about why Yoga is different that fitness and want to understand how it’s different? Do you want to shift the paradigm from Yoga as simply alignment and posture to something more?

Module 2: Stretch Beyond the Physical in Your Yoga gives an in depth look at the subtle aspects of your Yoga practice that are happening beneath the surface. In this Module, we will explore what Energy really means. Through lecture, practice, instruction, and a variety of tools, we will stretch the boundary of your practice beyond postures, and offer a deeper understanding of Tantra, Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation.  

Module 2 provides an introduction to the 5 (Pancha) Kosha model of Vedanta and an exploration of Pranamaya Kosha, The Sheath of the Energy Body. The Kosha model provides a framework to understand and explore our physical existence. This is a truly transformative program, that will impact every aspect of your life. The Advanced Studies Online Program will explore one Kosha in depth per Module. There will be a total of 4 Online Modules. Click here for details.

PRANAMAYA KOSHA : The Sheath of the Energy Body

Embark upon an exploration of the Subtle Energetics of Yoga as a pathway to deepen your experiences of Yoga Asana.

This Module will guide you through an understanding of how energy works in the physical practice of asana, how we incorporate these experiences into our Yoga Practice, and how to apply it in our work with others.

Through the tools of lecture, practice, contemplation, creation, and exploration, this program will guide you to look at the physical practice of yoga through a wider lens.

Topics covered in this Module Include:

Introduction to the 5 Koshas

Creating a Sacred Space

Accompanying Meditations/Kriyas

2 Asana Practices

Prana Shuddhi & Pranayama

Unpacking the Mystique of Energy

Systems of Energy

Feeling Your Asana as an extension of your subtle intelligence

Understanding the Ways that Energy Moves and Expresses in Practice & Life

Methods to address Energy in Asana & Meditation

Enrich your Practice with the Application of Pranayama in Asana

This module consists of 9 sections that include video lectures, supplemental practices, audio Asana practices, audio meditations, supplemental .pdfs, mentor support, closed FB groups (General Advanced Studies & Module Specific), one online class.


MODULE 2 : Stretch Beyond the Physical in Your Yoga

Advanced Studies Program Module 2

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