Company Culture at Vira Bhava Yoga


Vira Bhava Yoga Company Culture and Values

VBY’s internal business practices are founded on the concept of enduring commitment and mutual respect. Rather than a hierarchical organization of power, ours is collaborative. We work in teams and celebrate a diversity of opinions and talents. We emphasize relating, communicating, and nurturing as the essential core of our company culture. We believe in having patience and compassion for one another and the students with whom we work. In our Yoga Trainings and business, we teach and practice personal accountability and responsibility. All staff and faculty of VBY are practitioners of yoga first, and use that foundation to inform the ways they teach and conduct business. 

With yoga as our foundation we encourage our staff, faculty, administrative team, and students to make the nourishment of body, mind, and spirit paramount. We celebrate the talents, gifts, and skills of our students; we encourage students to find their unique voice. Enhancing each individual’s strengths, we cultivate a positive, inclusive, and supportive company culture.

We encourage wellness of the self by prioritizing work-life balance. We create balance in our lives by providing opportunities to attend retreats and workshops, building ample time to recharge by taking vacation, and by providing an annual stipend for personal and professional development.

We believe that for the world to be sustainable, we as individuals need to be able to sustain. We invest our time and energy on the growth of our whole being. At VBY, we do not believe that you can separate your livelihood from your spiritual health.

Our purpose is to offer tools that will support both financial wealth as well as physical and mental well being. VBY programs were created by social entrepreneurs who invest in teaching that external success and spiritual growth coexist. We teach that the practice of yoga is not simply physical fitness, but is a holistic approach to full spectrum well being.

Our company culture is firmly rooted in doing business as our practice. Our team is comprised of visionaries, trailblazers, and innovators. Vira Bhava's competitors are yoga teacher training programs instructing asana as the primary expression of yoga.

Our trainings expand beyond the physical. We teach our students that they are perfect just as they are and inspire them to recognize their innate worth. Our strong mentorship program and our professional development instruction support aspiring instructors to integrate their practice into their lives. We bring people together as a community and provide a space for each individual to claim their purpose in the world.