Asana & Energetics Online Program

The program is based on a series of live recorded classes that are meant to guide you into a direct experience of the way Prana effects Asana, and to teach, through experience, that you can indeed change the way you feel by changing the way you practice.

The program will contain a short instruction on the science of energy (Prana Vidya) in asana, and how these things relate to the way your asana practice supports your life. It will include 5 practices, each with a brief overview of the energetic component that the practice addresses, an introductory meditation that supports a growing awareness of Prana in Asana, and practice suggestions that will help you cultivate a relationship with each of these energetic aspects in your own practice.  

These classes are slow by design, focusing primarily on the movement of prana (or energy) through the intentional shaping of the breath in practice, and each can be practiced individually or in it’s entirety (all 5 vayus) depending on your desired outcome and the time you have available.  

We offer 2 options for varying levels of practitioner.

Level One- for the practitioner.

This program is for the practitioner that is beginning to deepen their own understanding of the power of Yoga Asana.  This will be a slightly shorter program that will focus on the experience of Energy & Asana..  It will use less Sanskrit & will explore the feeling of Prana in Asana more than the underlying science.  

A good way to become familiar with the energetics of practice.

Level Two-for the teacher.

This program is for the teacher of the practice who desires to share a deeper experience of energy and asana with their students. It is slightly longer, and the introductions will contain more explanation of the Yogic science that underlies the practices.  It will contain more Sanskrit and Ayurvedic references, and more instruction on how to appropriately share this insight with others.  Good for teachers who have a basic understanding of the Prana Vayus but would like to deepen their knowledge and experience.

Asana & Energetics: Level 2
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With this program, you will receive an opening meditation on Video & MP3 w, a link to the Asana and Energetics Community Page, and a Vimeo link with 5 downloadable videos containing lecture and practice.  About 2 hours worth of content for you to download and keep. 

For more support, check out the supplemental E-Book.

Asana & Energetics E-Book
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