Do You Feel Uninspired in Your Teaching?

Are you feeling like you don’t have anything meaningful to say?


Do you want to be taken more seriously?

Do you struggle to feel like an authority as a teacher?

Do you want your classes to make a bigger impact?

The ART OF TEACHING YOGA is for you if:

  • your classes feel routine and unexciting.

  • you struggle to find the words to express meaning beyond alignment.

  • you judge the impact of your class based on the feedback of your students.

  • you are having doubts about what you know.

  • you feel like you want to offer more to your students but aren’t sure how.

  • fear and doubt are your constant companions before and after teaching.

  • you find it hard to encourage people to attend your classes.

  • you feel like you can’t identify insights in your teaching or practice.

  • you want your classes to make a bigger impact.

  • you want to refine your abilities to plan and sequence your classes.

  • lack creativity and inspiration with your class offerings.

Stop faking it until you make it, and gain the tools and insights to uplevel your teaching and stand out in a saturated industry.

It’s time to BE THE AUTHORITY in your teaching. 

Instead of seeking approval or feeling like a failure, are you ready to step into your Voice, your Inspiration, and your Power as a teacher?

Are you ready to discover what you DO know and own it?

This is not a course to give you MORE INFORMATION. This Course will teach you how to trust what you already know and how to express it.

You’ll learn to set limits and boundaries in your own life so that you have more left over to know and express yourself, thrive in what you do, and create meaningful, real connection.

You have EVERYTHING you need to inspire others, to make a difference, to be seen and heard.

This course will help you remember.

This course is for:

  • yoga and meditation teachers

  • industry interrupters

  • change-agents

  • those who want to make a bigger impact in their yoga classes

  • practitioners who desire their practice to be more meaningful

Online Course Format:

  • 4 weeks

  • Four 90min LIVE weekly video classes (recorded for replay)

  • Supplemental material for refining your class planning & sequencing strategies

  • Example practices and access to live stream classes.

  • Guided Meditations and suggestions for reflection

  • Assignments that will help you directly experience what you desire to share with your students.

  • Tuesdays November 5-26th

    10 AM PST/ 1 PM EST

  • Investment: $128

  • Register before November 1st and Save $50

Week by week description:

  • Week one: Why do you teach and what do you have to say?

  • Week two: Safety & Alignment VS. Support & Confidence

  • Week three: What are you afraid of? Main Obstacles of popular Teacher Trainings

  • Week four: Make your classes Impactful by making them MEANINGFUL


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I created this course because I encounter Yoga teachers every day who struggle to communicate the power of Yoga to their students. The Art of Teaching Yoga is meant to build a bridge from the skillful Yoga leader to the Artful and Impactful Yoga TEACHER.

Your Teacher: Kelly Golden

Founder/Director, Vira Bhava Yoga