Co-Create the Program for YOU

Work directly with Vira Bhava Yoga founder, Kelly Golden to craft and design a 6 month program of Exploration, Practice, and Reflection that is Unique to YOU and your desires.

Through a Series of Video Conference Calls (Audio optional), practice suggestions, assignments, exclusive content, Kelly will use her understanding of Asana, Energetics, Philosophy, & Subtle practices (meditation, kriya, pranayama) to craft the perfect practice of Self Study, Asana, Meditation, and Life Application for you.


Uplevel Your Practice, Refine Your Teaching

Bring Your Practice to a New Level

  • Work to identify self limiting behaviors

  • Address new patterns of choice and Behavior

  • Unlock the ability to move in the direction you desire

  • Develop a deeper level of understanding about the power of asana

  • Receive specialized attention that addresses your experiences directly.

Refine Your Skills In the Business of Yoga

  • Guidance in Writing, Teaching, Practice, Growth, Success

  • Teaching support (class planning (templates), techniques, language, themeing: suggestions & guidance)

  • Enhance teaching skills through one-on-one discussion and input

  • Opportunities to Assist Kelly in classes, workshops, and special events in your area.

  • Learn time-tested strategies for creating a successful Yoga Business


Past Program Designs

  • Honing your own unique voice as a teacher and empowered HUMAN in the world.

  • Increasing your confidence and visibility as a yoga teacher in the world

  • Understanding Yoga Business and how to stay in practice as you Work in the Yoga Industry.

  • Connecting with the Soul of Life through the practices of Tantra.

  • Uncovering your hidden potential, and putting it to work in the world.

  • Using the practices of Tantra to liberate you from past patterns and difficulties.

Space is Limited to 6 Students per cycle.

Cycles Begin in January, April, July, & October.

Please apply early to ensure your place. If the training Module is Full upon Application, you will automatically be registered for the next available cycle.