If you have been struggling to find the time to deepen your studies, our newest program might be perfect for you!  We are looking for Vira Bhava Yogis to be our Beta Team for a new online 300 Hour program and we would be stoked to have you!

Over the years we have received much feedback regarding the challenges of traveling and being present for the dates of our Advanced Trainings; we’ve been listening and working out a plan that can create inclusivity, quality training, and convenience for students.

We are so very excited to introduce and invite you to our premier Vira Bhava Yoga 300 Hour Advanced Studies Online Program! This program will follow the curriculum of our in person 300 Hour Training, but will be offered through our online platform.

We are enrolling now through Sunday. March 24th. You have the option to join us in person for the 3rd and potentially the 5th weekends in Sacramento, CA or Chattanooga, TN.  

A large portion of the content that will be available through our online portal. It will be recorded lectures and study guides surrounding our readings, sadhanas, audio recordings of the asana classes and meditations offered, private client programming, and business projects.

In addition to the online portal, you will be paired with a Vira Bhava Yoga Mentor who you will work with throughout the duration of your training individually. You will be invited into our 300 Hour Advanced Studies Program Online Community where you can connect with graduates of our Advanced Studies Programs from around the country, ask questions, and be privy to what others are studying, sharing, and creating in community.

There will also be LIVE online lectures that occur between some training weekends that will offer insight into your practices as well as an opportunity to ask questions and discuss what’s on your mind with others in the program throughout the country. Click here to listen to one of our calls from our last training entitled: Engaging Emergence with Radical Honesty.

Lastly, if you are pursuing certification, you receive your contact hours for this training through the in-person training weekends. These weekends will be 3 full days (Friday-Sunday 9am-6pm) and one evening (Thursday 5-8pm). The first weekend will be 6 months into the program and the second weekend will be during the 13th month of training.  If you are not interested in certification, these weekends are optional.

As this is our premier year we would also like to extend to you a discounted price for the training of $2500 (over $1000 off our regular prices). We offer payment plans; so if you need this program payment to work for you, lets chat!

We believe this program will meet many of those interested in studying with us that have been unable to do so in the past in a place that makes it possible, affordable, and inclusive!

If you are interested and have questions or would like to understand this offering more robustly please email Info@ViraBhavaYoga.com! If you're ready to register, we are excited to have you!