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Guidance, Support, Community, INSPIRATION

Are you a yoga teacher who is learning your way around a room full of yoga mats?

Or have you been teaching yoga for decades and find yourself getting bored with the same routine? 

Do you wish you had a community of teachers to share ideas with?

Whether you are new to teaching or a seasoned pro looking for some fresh inspiration, join us for a community of support, encouragement, growth.

This course will take place Online and through Live Calls.  

We spend time learning about the power of yoga and teaching it to others, and often we sacrifice our own growth to support the growth of others.  Now, there is a program that will provide a foundation of support as you grow and expand as a Yoga Teacher in the world. 

Topics covered include: Cultivating Meaning For Your Students, The Power of Skillful Touch, Impact of the Breath On an Asana Class, Unique Students Require a Unique Approach, Yoga as Profession, Aligning Your Studentship with Your Teaching, Integrating Success & Surrender.

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Course begins in October.  You will receive date and time of first session upon completion of registration.

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