Center Seven Workshop


Center Seven Workshop


Practice Right for Your Type: Asana is NOT a one-size-fits-all practice.

In this workshop we will be using physical, energetic, and doshic principles to explore the best types of practice to offer to a specific populations of students. Through Ayurvedic principles, we will explore how to refine our understanding of Asana and its effects, as well as understanding the different body types. We will additionally cultivate an understanding of which styles of practice fit best with each of these body types.

A wonderful workshop for beginner and seasoned teachers interested in exploring more refinement and depth in their classes, as well as longtime practitioners who desire to understand the more subtle aspects of asana and how it relates to their balance.

Opening talk/journaling/group discussion:
Define Dosha
Define Subtle Dosha
Discuss the concept of balance according to Ayurveda
What does imbalance look like?
Explore factors that affect balance (time of day, season, etc.)
Explore the idea of Asana as support to balance.

Asana practice: In this class, we will practice together based on the principles we have discussed and explored. Class will be taught as an experiential study of the topics covered.

CEU Distribution:
*Optional 10 Non Contact Hours* Pre-reading: TBA once registered for workshop. Short assignment will be required to receive these hours.
2 Contact Hours

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