Saturday, May 19 - Master Class Series w/ Sarah Austin: Heart Brain - living from the intelligence of the heart

Come experience Vira Bhava Yoga in action! Vira means "warrior" and Bhava means "the essence of". Vira Bhava Yogis are willing to embody the essence of a warrior, and to live a more fully authentic life. Yoga is more than an asana or even meditation, and that is a bridge to our own infinite capacity. Experience how we use our asana practice to arrive more fully in who we are, discover our unique purpose and live from the intelligence of our hearts. Join us for one class or all three!

Location: Violet Owl Wellness (62 Wall St, Asheville, NC 28801)

Time: RESCHEDULED! 12pm - 2pm

Cost:  $20-30 per class sliding scale (all three classes $60)

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Sunday, May 20th - FREE Master Class w/Abbey Leigh

You are Your Dharma There is a misconception that we ‘Do’ our Dharma. Or that we lost it, or that we need to find it, or that it is somewhere with our keys and when we find our dharma then our life will be ignited, then we will feel complete, then we will be able to steer this game called life. What if I told you, that you have always been your dharma... Vira Bhava Yoga gave me the path and the bravery to turn towards my dharma. The dramas of my life have not changed and yet my experience is less painful, more enjoyable, all-encompassing. The VBY 200hr training prepped me to recognize my Dharma and the VBY 300hr training to fall in love with my Dharma. Be brave and step towards your unique expression. Live fully, feel alive, and come home to yourself. In this Free Master Class we will explore the question: Are your actions driving you towards or away from your Dharma?
Location: Center Seven (3103 33rd Street, Sacramento, CA 95817)
Time: 4pm - 6pm

Cost: FREE

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Saturday, June 2nd - Mythic Yoga Flow w/ Cathy Johnson

Cathy Johnson’s signature vinyasa offering, Mythic Yoga Flow is where the elements of Tantra come to life in a creative dynamic asana flow the will awaken your body mind and spirit through breath, movement and imagination. This is a fluid form experience with alignment skillfully infused into the honor of practice, weaving poses on the thread of breath. You are guided into an transformative journey where the dance of mind and body are at play. Be inspired by weaving of the ancient texts and modern practices of yoga to ignite magic in your own epic journey of life.

Location: Center Seven (3103 33rd Street, Sacramento, CA 95817)

Time: 10am - 12pm

Cost: Sliding Scale $10-20

Links: Center Seven / Facebook Event


Friday, June 8th - Giver Your Power a Voice w/ Sarah Austin

We all have a unique power inside of us. From a young age we’re taught to keep our “power” in a small box to fit the mold and expectations of others. When we are young, it seems as though we can’t hide our power. Over time we adapt to our circumstances, learning how to let just enough of our magic show to keep us interesting but certainly not enough to make us different, unique, or stand out. Then we forget. In these times it is our job to remember. It is our job to ask questions. Our world in its current state of discomfort, fatigue and grief needs NOW more than EVER our unique power. That is why it's time for each of us to give our power a voice. It is our job as yogis to cultivate trust in purpose. When we come to the mat, we work to create and build energy as purpose. To notice each moment when we show up for ourselves on or off our mat has powerful purpose.
Join us in this 2 hour class. We will start with a discussion focused on building our power, how to communicate it in different areas of our life and to cultivate purposeful action. Discussion will be followed by asana practice to facilitate an embodied experience of building power in purpose.

Location: Brevard Yoga Center (29 W French Broad St #211, Brevard, NC 28712)

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Cost: $10

Links: Brevard Yoga / Facebook Event


Saturday, June 23rd - Summer Mini Retreat w/ Sarah Austin

Relax and unwind your body and mind this summer solstice with deep stretches, breath work and Ayurveda inspired bodywork therapies. Join Sarah and Nicole in asana, pranayama and meditation practices. Krystal will offer guidance on essential self care techniques that include topics in skin care, massage & bodywork, all coupled with the use of essential oil formulations to support and enhance your self care routines throughout the summer. Our retreat offerings will include Ayurvedic inspired foods to sustain you throughout the afternoon. Light Ayurvedic bodywork sessions will be offered at an additional cost and will include the following treatments: herbal body scrubs, shirodara (Indian scalp massage and hot oil treatments), warming foot treatments & soaks. (Ayurveda mini-bodywork sessions will range in price $20-$45)

Location: Violet Owl Wellness (62 Wall St, Asheville, NC 28801)

Time: 1pm - 6pm

Cost: Sliding Scale $50-65

Links: Violet Owl Wellness / Facebook Event


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