Testimonials — Here's what recent graduates have to say about Vira Bhava Yoga Teacher Training.

I have immense gratitude for the opportunity I’ve had to study with Kelly. This teacher training has catalyzed so much growth within me– and given me the tools to begin a lifelong studentship of yoga.
— Kalyana M.
Vira Bhava Yoga (VBY) was a great investment for me as a yoga teacher. This teacher training covered energetics, history, anatomy, and more. I did a great deal of research on Yoga Teacher Trainings before signing up and VBY by far had the most well-rounded curriculum. Even now, I refer back to my notes from Teacher Training if I have a question about a teaching method, Asana, or most anything yoga. After graduating I felt fully prepared and excited to teach my first yoga class. As a perk, from all of the new information, my personal practice greatly improved. Kelly Golden and her crew are knowledgeable, informative, organized, and exude both love and compassion. If you’re on the fence about this Teacher Training, jump off of that fence and join this group of amazing teachers as fast as you can!
— Ashley M.
What Kelly teaches is the real thing.. Authentic yoga not just a way to work out unless we are talking about working out our soul. Kelly is awesome!
— Anna Thea
I saw so many beautiful transformations in the students of the fall training. Kelly Golden is a beautiful experienced yogi with so much to share and teach.
— Rochelle P.
It is beyond what I have experienced in other trainings
— Mandy L
I highly recommend this training with Kelly Golden. She offers an awesome opportunity to study yoga in depth, with a graceful teaching style. Para Yoga is well represented with her intelligent and accessible training. I am stoked to have this training in my home town!
— Maya C.
For the diverse group of students (age, background, gender, fitness level), Kelly found a way to make every student feel confident and capable of doing what she asked of us as a group. No one felt inferior. Kelly’s greatest gift is her humor and ability to “lighten up” a room during a stressful moment. She does not overstate her capabilities, training or experience. She helped me to deepen my understanding of asana, especially the Vayus. I felt confident to enroll in the teacher training program because I considered her to be the most experienced and knowledgeable yoga teachers in Knoxville, by far.

Kelly is sincerely interested in the success and well-being of each student before, during and after training. She found a way, despite a very busy schedule, to visit an impoverished community in Eastern Kentucky to offer yoga workshops. Her offerings to her students speak well of the day to day experience of being a yogi.
— Deborah P