Maria Borghoff

BFA, RYT 500

Maria Borghoff (BFA, 500-RYT) is an artist and Yoga teacher living in Atlanta, GA. She helps creative people embody their wisdom and embrace their power by exploring the intersection of creativity, sexuality and healing. Maria is inspired by a multitude of disciplines, including movement, meditation, art-making and nutrition, and she has taught, published and exhibited work nationally.

Thrilled by the collaborative process, Maria's work explores the integration of ideas in order to establish more dynamic and productive relationships - individually, socially and environmentally. Currently, she is the Director at Groove Forward, an online platform helping to recreate a well world through art, science and Yoga.


Sarah Austin

E-RYT 200

Sarah has been a practitioner of yoga for 11 years.  She came to the practice through her experience as a dancer in college.  Leading to pursue her Yoga Teacher Certification. Sarah is a  500 YTT  certified through Yoga Alliance. She has explored and experienced many different types of bodywork which informs her approach to teaching yoga. 

Sarah enjoys teaching pranayama techniques (breath work), meditation, dynamic slow flow and relaxation to build a deeper understanding of the connection between all the layers of our being.  Sarah leads with a curiosity to explore, play and be open both on and off the mat to further strengthen our foundations to live a purposeful life.


Abbey Leigh

RYT 500

For Abbey, the practice of Ayurveda, Yoga, and meditation has been a viable pathway to remembering and celebrating one's own true nature. Having healed her own physical and spiritual diseases through these modalities, Abbey guides students to access their innate healing capacities through diet, lifestyle, asana alignment and inner exploration.

Abbey weaves Sri Vidya Tantra and Ayurvedic philosophy into her classes to bring vitality and restoration to the body and mind. Abbey is a graduate of the Vira Bhava Yoga 200hr and 300hr program. An active yoga instructor as well as a practicing Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Pancha Karma Specialist. She works at The Yoga Dive and California College of Ayurveda in Nevada City, California where she resides with her Love. 


Rochelle Trudo

RYT 200, LMT

Rochelle is the executive assistant and a teacher with Vira Bhava Yoga. She lives in Austin and maintains a long time massage therapy practice. For Rochelle, it’s hard to tell where work ends and the rest of her life begins; they are fluid and overlapping. She uses massage and yoga as a way to set goals, find clarity and purpose, and re-energize — a way to be a better parent, fulfill her potential, and find inspiration.

Rochelle's professional and personal practice keeps her plugged into the rhythms of life, and her passion lies in using it to help clients and students find their own purpose, shift energy, and make profound emotional changes in their lives. As a massage therapist, yoga instructor, activist, mother and global citizen, she is steadfastly committed to helping people become more comfortable in their own bodies and more connected to themselves, each other, and the world around them.


Megan Pintus

RYT 200

Megan began her yoga journey in college in search of emotional healing. When she moved to Abingdon, VA after graduating, she began practicing regularly with Julie Rutherford at Whitetop Yoga. Megan began teaching yoga in 2016 after training with Katie Silcox and Julie Ruthorford.

Megan was introduced to Vira Bhava Yoga in early 2017 and was immediately drawn to the way VBY trains yogis to engage with both the light and the dark in the world around them as well as inside them. She assisted Julie Rutherford administrate a VBY 200 Hour Teacher Training at Whitetop Yoga in 2017 and is doing so again for another 200 hour in 2018. She is currently the manager of Whitetop Yoga and is working on her 500 hour RYT.