Vira Bhava Yoga's 300 Hour Advanced Studies Teacher Training
in Nevada City/Grass Valley, CA

June 2016 - 2017

"The 300 Hour Virabhava YTT is many things and also gave me many things. The most important gift I received from the program was to stand in my own truth. This sounds easy but it had been an elusive thing for me throughout the years. The philosophy of Tantra Yoga was a tool for us to become the best version of ourselves, to truly stop blaming everyone else and instead, look from within for love, change and growth.

My yoga practice slowed down, I began to think more deeply about how I was utilizing my breathe to bring in certain energetics into my body and mind. I enjoyed learning more about ParaYoga sequencing. It made me get more creative with class planning and sequencing.

The group of people that this training gathered together were amazing. We really got to know each other, like REALLY. You walk away as friends, with a deep bond because you went through this journey of awakening together. Kelly is honest, raw and embodies the teaching of Tantra Yoga. Her love for the practice is apparent and will stir things within you to unfold and ignite. If you are looking for more than a yoga asana training and more of a holistic approach to yoga­ - do this training."  Trudy

This training consists of five 5-day modules over 13 months, Thursday through Sunday


The Golden Mandala Yoga Studio
Nevada City/Grass Valley, CA

Dates: (2016-2017)

JUNE 23-26
2017 MARCH 23-26
2017 JUNE 22-25



Thursday 1-4
Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-6
Sunday 9-6


Early Bird Rates Through September

The full cost of the 300-hour training in Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA is $3250

Payment Plans

The training will be in progress for 11 months. This enables us to create payment plans that will be quite affordable.

We are offering a monthly payment plan or a per-session payment plan.  Individual payment plans should be arranged directly with Vira Bhava yoga.  Please email with your preferences and together we can create a plan that will work best for your budget.

Click Here to pay the registration fee for our 300 Hour Teacher Training.   You will receive an e-mail immediately following payment with a link to our teacher application form. Please be sure to fill out the form, as your registration is not complete until you have!

*Registration Fee is not applied to the price of your training. This is a separate fee that is not refundable unless a training is cancelled. Refunds take between 6-8 weeks per Vira Bhava Yoga, LLC Policy. 


Pay Deposit

If you prefer the analog version, download the PDF application below, fill it out and mail it, along with your check to:

Vira Bhava Yoga
 P.O. Box 2702
Nevada City, CA 95959

*Make checks payable to Vira Bhava Yoga

Work-trade opportunities are also available ~

These options offer a larger discount on the training and do not cover the entire cost.  Discounts are based on need.

Please fill out and submit the scholarship application for consideration. 

Work/Trade Applications will be reviewed ONLY after program application & deposit have been received.



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